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The Essence and Expertise of Epstein Engineering, P.C.

The building blocks and foundation upon which the firm's reputation for excellence has been built are 3 fold.  They are Organization, Professionalism and Integrity.


Epstein Engineering, P.C. currently employs 18 people.  Of this number 12 are Architects and Engineers whose experience ranges from 40 years in the field to recent college graduates who are being trained and educated by means of a formal, structured, training program.  All senior personnel have extensive experience in Local Law 11 Compliance and Exterior Restoration.

By maintaining staffing at the levels noted above, the firm satisfactorily addresses all client needs immediately.  Engineers from Epstein Engineering, P.C. respond to emergencies and highly tense, pressured situations within minutes. Staff members are in constant communication with clients and the main office at all times.  Service is a precious commodity in this industry.  Epstein Engineering, P.C. provides it promptly and is well known for this.

The balance of the staff includes a team of Draftspersons, In-House Expeditors and Administrative Employees.  These support personnel are highly skilled in their fields and have helped enable Epstein Engineering to become a full service firm, which supplies highly competent Professional Services promptly and efficiently.  These full service in-house capabilities and the expertise in Local Law 11 Compliance and Exterior Repair work have set Epstein Engineering far apart from others in the industry.


All Professional Staff are specialists in the fields of Local Law 11 Compliance, Exterior Restoration, Water Penetration Assessment and Landmarks Preservation.  No project is too large, too complex or too small to undertake.  The firm welcomes the special challenges involved in addressing the needs of Historic Buildings as well as the opportunity to resolve the persistent problems associated with water penetration which unfortunately plague many buildings.

A key feature in servicing the needs of clients are the Scaffold Inspections performed by staff Engineers.  All personnel receive training and education relative to the proper procedures and safety practices associated with scaffolding and related equipment.  It is the intense and highly detailed scaffold inspections which enable the firm's Field Engineers to study and assess intricate problems in the field from an up-close vantage point.  In addition, the use of scaffolding enables personnel to effectively observe and evaluate Contractor

performance on an on-going basis.  From a position on a scaffold, Engineers from Epstein Engineering, P.C. are able to inspect and evaluate probes of previously concealed materials in order to resolve issues associated with water penetration and to detail necessary steel and masonry repairs.  Studies and assessments of this nature are performed in-house on an expedited basis and can be completed virtually on the spot.


Epstein Engineering prides itself in its A+ rating for integrity and honesty and has earned the trust of the Real Estate and Engineering Communities by virtue of maintaining the highest standards for some 20 years.  The firm understands and respects Owners who place their property in the custody of the firm for repair, restoration, code compliance and other needs.  Clients are entitled to and receive 100% loyalty and integrity from Epstein Engineering.  The Firm fully appreciates the enormous level of responsibility that providing engineering services for residential and commercial structures entails and welcomes that responsibility.  The firm values the many close business relationships it has developed and maintained through the years.

Epstein Engineering P.C. begins its concentration on employee ethics during the interview process and its emphasis continues throughout the term of employment.  Regular in-house seminars are conducted which focus on this issue.  The Firm has undergone rigorous evaluations by Independent Management Consultants as part of the pre-qualification process for several clients.  The results have been complete and unequivocal approval and certification for Epstein Engineering, P.C.  This is an area where nothing less that perfection can or should be tolerated.

Epstein Engineering, P.C. presently has an active roster of more than 3000 clients.  Many have been clients of the firm for a number of years.  The firm has been able to continually satisfy its growing list of clients through hard work and unyielding effort.  Epstein Engineering, P.C. provides high quality Professional Services for a reasonable fee.  Whether the project is small or large, the fees are always appropriate to the size and scope of the work while taking into account the specific client's needs.  Fee negotiations are typically a routine and uncomplicated procedure. 

Epstein Engineering's projects have a proven track record of ON TIME AND WITHIN BUDGET COMPLETION.  The HIGH QUALITY of the finished product is also a trademark of an Epstein Engineering Project.

Let Epstein Engineering, P.C. service your next project.  The firm will meet your goals needs and timetables and you will appreciate the dedication to the above stated criteria...Organization, Professionalism and Integrity.