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Epstein Engineering, P.C.

Epstein Engineering, P.C.

On April 21, 2016 Alan Epstein testified before the Rent Guidelines Board. The primary purpose of Mr. Epstein’s testimony was to demonstrate and show the importance of Local Law 11, its value to both Owners and tenants as a safety statute, and how it should be recognized as a critical factor in determining the level at which rents for properties which are subject to rent stabilization should be increased. In providing testimony Mr. Epstein drew upon his 30 years of expertise and leadership role in the industry to provide a historical perspective on Local Law 11, the current state of the law and potential and anticipated changes to the law. As far as the latter category is concerned the testimony provided key insight into the magnitude of costs that will likely be imposed on property owners in terms of achieving compliance with Local Law 11. At the conclusion of the proceedings Mr. Epstein received numerous compliments for his effective testimony at this key hearing. Comments received in this regard from the Rent Stabilization Association stated the following:

I want to thank all of you for taking the time to provide Invited Testimony at the RGB earlier today.
I think you all did a great job.
Whether your persuasive testimony will affect this Board is another matter!

We will, of course feature your participation in the next issue of the RSA newsletter.
In addition, I have asked Richard Hazel, our Director of Sales and Marketing, to reach out to you and set you up on our Lead Generation Platform.

Again, we appreciate your help.
Job well done!
Thank you,

Jack (Jack Freund, RSA Executive Director)

Epstein Engineering was pleased to be able to provide fair and unbiased assistance in this matter to the Rent Stabilization Board and Ownership community. As has been the case for some 30 years, we can confidently say to ownership, “we have your back.”

Alan Epstein